Discussion paper on changes to Federal Courts Rules

The Federal Courts Rules Committee has posted a discussion paper on possible procedural changes to the Federal Courts Rules. The proposed changes relate to among other things, time limits for defences, books of authorities, amici curiae, and monetary limits for simplified procedure and prothonotaries. Comments are requested by the Rules Committee by June 24, 2011July 15, 2011.

The discussion paper is entitled “Possible Procedural Changes” and is available on the Federal Court of Appeal website. The table of contents are:

  1. Filing an appearance within the time limits for filing a Defence,
  2. Timely filing of books of authorities,
  3. Revising the content requirements for books of authorities,
  4. Allowing non-lawyers to represent corporations without leave of the court,
  5. Providing specifically for amici curiae,
  6. Providing specifically for jurisdictional challenges,
  7. Increasing the monetary limits for simplified proceedings and for prothonotaries, and
  8. Garnishing joint bank accounts.

This is the second discussion paper issued by the Federal Courts Rules Committee in the last several weeks. The previous discussion paper related to the use of technology by the Federal Courts.

Update: The Federal Court has extended the time period for comments.