U.S. Patent News

The U.S. House and Senate have now both passed patent reform legislation which would make the U.S. patent system first-to-file. Earlier today, the U.S. Supreme Court granted cert in Hyatt (relating to appeals from the USPTO) and Caraco v. Novo Nordisk (relating to FDA patent listings).

Patent Reform – There is lots of commentary and articles on the patent reform legislation including in The Hill which discusses some of the controversial aspects of the bill. Now the House and Senate will have to reconcile the two bills.

Hyatt – This case is pending as 10-844 and relates to new evidence at the Federal Circuit that was not before the USPTO. Patent Docs has some commentary on the En Banc decision of the CAFC.

Caraco – This case is pending as 10-1219. Warren D. Woessner at Patents 4 Life has some commentary on the proceeding and the CAFC decision being appealed.

Of course Patently-O has commentary on these developments as well (Patent Reform, Hyatt and Caraco).