New Features

Over the last while I have added several new features to the daily email including improved identification of judges for FC and FCA decisions, results for TMOB and CIRA decisions and identification of appeals and medicinal ingredients at the FCA. You can modify your subscription preferences using the email manager.

Identifying the judges who author reported Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal decisions is part of code that tries to automatically identify what matters are appealed. For example, in A-362-11, the decision being appealed is only identified as “a decision of the Honourable Mr. Justice Russell of the Federal Court dated July 29, 2011” which can be automatically identified by completing a search for decisions of Justice Russell on July 29th. Identifying appeals assists with adding medicinal ingredient identifiers for appeals based on the trial level proceedings.

For TMOB board decisions, the software attempts to determine if the decisions relate to oppositions or s45 applications and reviewing the decisions for the opposition board member’s conclusion.

CIRA has helpfully expanded the available metadata for its decisions on its website and some of these data is now included in the email service.

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for improving this service.