Following last week’s royal assent to Bill C-11, An Act to amend the Copyright Act (access to copyrighted works or other subject-matter for persons with perceptual disabilities), Canada formally ratified the Treaty on June 30. Now with 20 countries on board, the Treaty will come into force on September 30, 2016.

The Treaty comes into force once the twenty country accedes to the treaty. With Canada joining on June 30th and Ecuador and Guatemala the day before, along with Argentina (April 2015), Australia (December 2015), Brazil (December 2015), Chile (May 2016), North Korea (February 2016), El Salvador (October 2014), India (First – June 2014), Israel (March 2016), Mali (December 2014), Mexico (July 2015), Mongolia (September 2015), Paraguay (January 2015), Peru (February 2016), South Korea (October 2015), Singapore (March 2015), UAE (October 2014), Uruguay (December 2014) the treaty will come into force three months later at the end of September, 2016.

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