Health Canada announced this afternoon, “…Health Canada will be moving forward with the implementation of the new basket of comparator countries and reduced reporting requirements for those medicines at lowest risk of excessive pricing. These [Amendments to the Patented Medicines Regulations] will come-into-force on July 1, 2022. The Government will not proceed with the Amendments related to the new price regulatory factors, nor with the requirements to file information net of all price adjustments.”

The press release (link) goes on to say that, “This will be reflected in Canada Gazette in late Spring 2022.”

Amendments to the PMPRB regulations were announced in 2019 but then deferred several times. Constitutional challenges have been made to the proposed regulations in Quebec (see Merck Canada inc. c. Procureur général du Canada, 2022 QCCA 240) and the Federal Court (Innovative Medicines Canada et al v. AGC, 2020 FC 725, appeal heard February 2022).

h/t Jason Markwell