Archmetal Industries Corporation v. JAG Flocomponents N.A., 2011 FCA 235

Justice Sharlow; Justice Pelletier; Justice Stratas - 2011-08-11

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Archmetal Industries Corporation (Archmetal), Henry Chen, Jerome Chen and Fortune Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Fortune) appeal from the decision of Phelan J. of the Federal Court (the trial judge) ordering the expungement of Archmetal's registration of the trade-mark FUSION at the request of JAG Flocomponents N.A. (JAG) and JAG Flocomponents (North America) Inc. (JAG NA). The Federal Court's decision is reported as JAG Flocomponents N.A. v. Archmetal Industries Corporation, 2010 FC 627, 84 C.P.R. (4th) 323 [Reasons].

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Canadian Intellectual Property