Abbvie Corporation v. Janssen Inc, 2014 FC 489 (Ustekinumab*)

Justice Hughes - 2014-05-29

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The trial of this action has been divided into several parts: This is the second part, and deals with the matter of an injunction. The first part of this trial dealt with the allegations of infringement and invalidity of Canadian Letters Patent No. 2,365,281 (the'281 patent). On January 17, 2014, I rendered a decision, cited as 2014 FC 55, wherein I determined that claims 143 and 222 of that patent were valid and have been infringed by the Defendant Janssen Inc. by its promoting, offering for sale, and selling in Canada its product known as STELARA. That decision is currently under appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal (Docket: A-95-14).

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Canadian Intellectual Property