Voltage Pictures, Llc v. Doe, 2016 FC 681

Justice Boswell - 2016-06-17

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[Note this decision is from 2016 but only published recently] The Applicants have initiated a proposed class proceeding claiming, amongst other things, declaratory and injunctive relief against the Respondent whose identity is presently unknown to them. It is alleged that the Respondent (and others like him or her) has engaged in illegal file sharing over the internet, and thereby infringed the Applicants’ copyrights in several films. The Applicants want to have this matter certified as a so-called “reverse” class action, and towards that end have instituted a motion for an order compelling Rogers Communications Inc. [Rogers] to disclose the contact and personal information of the account holder associated with a specified internet protocol address at various times as set forth in the motion. That motion [the Disclosure Motion] is presently pending before the Court and is returnable on June 28, 2016, before me as the case management judge for this proceeding. The Proposed Intervener, the Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic [CIPPIC], desires to intervene not only in the Applicants’ Disclosure Motion but also, based on its written submissions, more generally in the Applicants’ application for a proposed class proceeding.

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