Mediatube Corp. v. Bell Canada, 2018 FC 355

Justice Locke - 2018-03-29

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NorthVu Inc. (NorthVu) and MediaTube Corp. (MediaTube) are owner and licensee, respectively, of Canadian Patent No. 2,339,477. In 2013, they commenced an action against Bell Canada (Bell) for infringement of that patent. The action concerned Bell’s Internet Protocol Television services called FibeTV and FibreOP TV. The trial took place in September and October of 2016 before me. ... On December 29, 2017, shortly after its present counsel was retained, MediaTube objected for the first time to the confidential treatment of the exhibits and transcripts in issue. On January 29, 2018, MediaTube filed a notice of motion seeking (i) a declaration that these exhibits and transcripts are part of the public domain, and (ii) an Order that they be made available to the public. This decision concerns that motion.

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Canadian Intellectual Property