Safe Gaming System Inc. v. Atlantic Lottery Corporation, 2018 FCA 180

Justice Woods - 2018-10-05

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The respondents, Atlantic Lottery Corporation and Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation, bring a motion in writing for security of costs pursuant to section 416 of the Federal Courts Rules. They seek security in respect of costs in this appeal and costs awarded in the Court below. ... By way of background, on May 25, 2018 the Federal Court dismissed a claim instituted by the appellant for patent infringement and awarded costs to the respondents (2018 FC 542). By supplementary judgment dated August 30, 2018 (2018 FC 871), the costs were fixed in the amount of $1,175,000 “to be payable forthwith.” ... The appellant agrees to pay $13,500 as security for costs with respect to the appeal. However, the appellant submits that it should not be required to pay the Federal Court costs as security.

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Canadian Intellectual Property