Rovi Guides, Inc. v. Videotron G.P., 2019 FC 1220

Justice Lafrenière - 2019-09-24

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By the present motion, the Plaintiffs/Defendants by Counterclaim, Rovi Guides, Inc. [Rovi] and TiVo Solutions Inc. [TiVo] [collectively, Rovi/TiVo], seek orders for documentary production from non-parties to this proceeding, Broadcom Canada Ltd. [Broadcom Canada], Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. [Samsung Canada] and Technicolor Canada Inc. [Technicolor Canada]. Rovi/TiVo also seeks leave to examine the three non-parties and the issuance of letters of request with respect to foreign entities allegedly related to them, Broadcom Inc. [Broadcom US], Technicolour Connected Home [Technicolor US], Samsung Electronics America Inc. [Samsung US], and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. in the Republic of Korea [Samsung Korea]. ... For the following reasons, I conclude that Rovi/TiVo’s motion should be dismissed in its entirety.

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Canadian Intellectual Property