Double Diamond Distribution Ltd. v. Crocs Canada, Inc., 2019 FCA 243

Justice Webb - 2019-10-01

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Double Diamond brought a motion for an order staying the Order of Norris J. of the Federal Court dated June 27, 2019 (2019 FC 868) (the Order). ... Double Diamond also acknowledged that – sooner or later – the particulars that the Federal Court ordered it to provide would be disclosed to Crocs Canada. Therefore, even if the stay is granted and Double Diamond is successful in its appeal, the particulars will still be disclosed to Crocs Canada at some point. The only harm or prejudice to Double Diamond is the disclosure of particulars of its claim before it might otherwise be required to do so. This is not irreparable harm or sufficient prejudice to support the requested stay. There is no reason to delay the disclosing of the particulars as ordered by the Federal Court.

Decision relates to:

  • A-259-19 - DOUBLE DIAMONDS DISTRIBUTION, LTD. v. CROCS CANADA, INC. ET AL. which is an appeal from a decision dated 2019-06-27 in T-438-19


Canadian Intellectual Property