Farmobile LLC v. Farmers Edge Inc., 2020 CanLII 24172

Proth. Ring - 2020-02-19

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The Plaintiff/Defendant by Counterclaim, Farmobile, brought a motion regarding the inspection of property of the Defendant/Plaintiff by Counterclaim, Farmers Edge, and for an order that certain redacted agreements be produced by Farmers Edge in un-redacted form. ... Farmobile acknowledges that the document production by Farmers Edge has included source code and operational manuals relevant to the functioning of the FarmCommand system. It submits, however, that the source code and the operation manuals do not illustrate what a customer of Farmers Edge can see and do with the SMART, SMART NUTRIENT and SMART VR solutions of the FarmCommand system. ... I conclude that Farmobile has not met its burden to demonstrate that the order for inspection of the “live” FarmCommand system is necessary or expedient in the circumstances. ... Of particular significance, Mr. Barnes states that in or around November 2017, Farmers Edge facilitated and recorded a live demonstration of FarmCommand, which he understands was available to Dr. Edwards.

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Canadian Intellectual Property