Teksavvy Solutions Inc. v. Bell Media Inc., 2020 FCA 108

Justice Stratas - 2020-06-24

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Six groups of parties have moved to intervene in this appeal. The motions will be granted on a slightly modified version of the usual terms. ... These days, many courts have been challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, they have had to find new ways of doing old things. For the first time, some courts are receiving electronic documents, are hearing cases through online video-conference, and are determining disputes on the basis of written materials alone. These things are largely old hat for the Federal Courts. ... One way is to issue a written direction at the outset of a dispute setting out preliminary views of the law. That is how this Court proceeded in these motions. ... In these circumstances, the best solution is to permit one memorandum of fact and law from each of the three groups. The collaboration of the related parties in each group is likely to create useful synergies and a more compact submission, which invariably happens to be a more persuasive submission

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Canadian Intellectual Property