Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. v. White, 2021 FC 996

Justice Lafrenière - 2021-09-24

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This Order arises from a contempt hearing held on September 20, 2021 to hear proof of the acts with which the Defendants, Tyler White and Colin Wright, were charged. ... It remains that, on a scale of seriousness, the particular breach with which Mr. Wright was charged is at the lower end of the scale and pales in comparison to the breach committed by Mr. White. There is no indication that Mr. Wright intentionally meant to disrespect the Court or that the Plaintiffs were prejudiced by the delay in obtaining the required information. Moreover, as acknowledged by the Plaintiffs, the breach has since been cured. This is coupled with what I consider to be a contrite and sincere apology and a genuine exhibition of remorse.

Decision relates to:

  • T-1176-20 - Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. et al. v. Tyler White dba Beast IPTV et al.


Canadian Intellectual Property