Pfizer Canada ULC v. Seedlings Life Science Ventures LLC, 2021 FCA 155

Justice Gleason; Justice Locke; Justice Laskin - 2021-07-28

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This appeal concerns a decision made by the Federal Court (2019 FC 1396, per Justice S├ębastien Grammond), during the trial of a patent infringement action, to admit into evidence certain documents produced during examination for discovery as business records on the issue of remedies. The defendant and plaintiff by counterclaim in the action, Pfizer Canada ULC (Pfizer) appeals that decision. ... For these reasons, I am satisfied that the present appeal is moot and should be dismissed with costs.

Decision relates to:

  • A-431-19 - PFIZER CANADA ULC V. SEEDLINGS LIFE SCIENCE VENTURES, LLC which is an appeal from a decision dated 2019-11-07 in T-608-18


Canadian Intellectual Property