Bell Media Inc. et al. v. Macciacchera ( et al, 2022 FC 1139

Justice Lafrenière - 2022-07-28

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More specifically, they claim that Marshall Macciacchera and his father, Antonio Macciacchera, are the key individuals behind the operation of the Internet Protocol Television [IPTV] service network, including, [Live247], and [collectively referred as the SSTV Services], which provide subscribers with unauthorized access to a large number of motion pictures and live television channels that broadcast television programming for which the copyright is owned by various rights holders, including the Plaintiffs. ... The evidence before me establishes that Marshall refused to answer questions about the source of about fifty unauthorized streams that remained online after the servers at the Patterson Address were disconnected and seized; refused to answer questions about the details and login credentials for the SSTV Services registrar accounts, servers and hosting providers (beyond what was already provided regarding the and domains); and refused to provide any financial details or the requisite financial disclosure authorizations with respect to the assets of the Defendants Star Hosting Limited and Roma Works Limited. ... Based on the above evidence, I conclude a prima facie case of contempt has been made out by the Plaintiffs.

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