UBS Group AG v. Yones, 2022 FC 487

Justice McHaffie - 2022-04-06

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On February 3, 2022, I granted default judgment in this trademark infringement action: UBS Group AG v Yones, 2022 FC 132. A week later, the defendants filed a motion that effectively seeks to set aside that default judgment and to permit the personal defendants Abdulrhman Alaya and Mohamad Hassan Yones to represent the corporate defendant, Unified Business Solutions Group Inc. These are my reasons for dismissing the defendants’ motion. ... I appreciate that, as underscored by Mr. Alaya, the default judgment may cause significant consequences to Unified, and indirectly to the personal defendants. However, these consequences ultimately arise from Unified’s adoption of an infringing trademark, its failure to respond to demands pertaining to that trademark made by UBS Group AG, and its further failure to respond to a lawsuit that it apparently knew it had to respond to.

Decision relates to:

  • T-771-21 - UBS Group AG v. Mohamad Hassan Yones et Al.


Canadian Intellectual Property