Farmers Edge Inc. v. Farmobile, LLC, 2022 FCA 116

Justice Mactavish; Justice Dawson; Justice Laskin - 2022-06-16

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Farmobile, LLC, the respondent to this appeal, is the registered owner of a patent issued in respect of a farming data exchange system. ... This appeal arises out of an interlocutory motion brought by Farmers Edge seeking leave to further amend its statement of defence. For reasons cited 2022 FC 22, the Federal Court permitted Farmobile to make certain amendments to its claim but did not allow Farmers Edge to make all of the amendments it sought. ... While Farmers Edge characterizes the errors asserted with respect to the issues of inutility and overbreadth to be errors of law, we are all of the view that in substance Farmers Edge challenges the Federal Court’s application of the facts to the correct legal tests. ... For these reasons the appeal will be dismissed with costs.

Decision relates to:

  • A-23-22 - Farmers Edge INC. v. Farmobile, LLC which is an appeal from a decision dated 2022-01-10 in T-449-17


Canadian Intellectual Property