Betser-Zilevitch v. Petrochina Canada Ltd., 2022 FCA 162

Justice Stratas; Justice Locke; Justice Rivoalen - 2022-09-28

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The appellant, Maoz Betser-Zilevitch (Mr. Betser), appeals a decision of the Federal Court (2021 FC 85) dismissing his action against the respondent, PetroChina Canada Ltd., alleging infringement of the 627 Patent. Mr. Betser also appeals the Federal Court’s decision on costs arising from his action (2021 FC 151). For its part, PCC cross-appeals the Federal Court’s dismissal, in the Judgment, of its counterclaim alleging invalidity of the 627 Patent. For the following reasons, we have concluded that both the appeal and the cross-appeal should be dismissed in their entirety.

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Canadian Intellectual Property