Coca-Cola Company v. Canada (Attorney General), 2023 FC 424

Justice Furlanetto - 2023-03-28

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The Appellant, The Coca-Cola Company, appeals a May 13, 2021 decision of the Commissioner of Patents [see 2021 CACP 26] in which the Commissioner adopted the recommendations of the Patent Appeal Board, and refused to grant a patent ... on the basis that the claims of the Application were obvious and did not satisfy section 28.3 of the Patent Act. ... As stated earlier, I agree that the Commissioner provided insufficient analysis of the method claims of the Proposed Claims, and in particular claim 18. However, I do not consider there to be any reviewable error of the Claims on File, or in the Commissioner’s approach to D6. For the above reasons, I will allow the appeal in part and refer the matter back to the Commissioner for redetermination of the method claims of the Proposed Claims, in accordance with these reasons.

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Canadian Intellectual Property