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Common List of Authorities

The Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal have issued Notices to the Profession announcing a list of common authorities for patent and trade-mark litigation. Cases on the list are “deemed to be included in the book of authorities” but “if a party intends to refer to one of these authorities, the passage upon which they will rely should be included”. Continue reading Common List of Authorities

Varco v. Pason trial judgment

Justice Phelan held that Varco’s patent was valid and infringement in Varco Canada Limited et al. v. Pason Systems Corp. et al., 2013 FC 750. The patent at issue related to autodriller systems used in the petroleum industry, particularly for directional drilling. The proceeding was not bifurcated and the Court ordered a permanent injunction, delivery up and payment of $52 million as disgorgement of profits.

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