This site is my collection of updates, statistics and analysis on intellectual property in Canada. I am a partner at DLA Piper (Canada) LLP practicing in the area of intellectual property (more about me). Material on this website are my own views and do not reflect the position of DLA Piper (Canada) LLP, any of its member firms around the world, or any of its clients. IPPractice.ca grew out of my hobby to gather and share interesting updates on intellectual property to friends and colleagues. Highlights include:

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I will be attending the IPIC conference on September 28-30 and speaking on a panel about IP rights for an AI inventor/creator. Let me know if you are attending as it would be great to connect and reconnect in-person. …Read More

Patent Life Cycle

I tracked the 42,000 or so patent applications in Canada with a 2001 filing date which all expired by the end of 2021. Only about 17% were still enforceable at expiry but about 30% were in force at the 10 year mark. Overall, about 43% of the original applications (about 18,000) were granted and 118 were litigated in the Federal Court. …Read More


The Federal Court and CIPO will be closed on Monday, September 19 for Her Late Majesty‚Äôs State Funeral. Both the Federal Court and CIPO will also be closed on September 30 for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. …Read More

Patentable Subject Matter

As reported yesterday, the government/CIPO has appealed the decision of Benjamin Moore v. AGC, 2022 FC 923 regarding the proper test to determine whether a patent application is directed to computer-implemented patentable subject matter. The Notice of Appeal (pdf) states in part, “The Judge erred by ordering the Commissioner to apply the New Test because it contradicts binding jurisprudence of the Federal Court of Appeal in [Amazon] and [Schlumberger].”

Federal Court

Several test proceedings were opened over the weekend, likely to test the new online access to court documents pilot project announced by the Federal Court last week. …Read More

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