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TM Practice Notices

CIPO posted new and amended practice notices for several aspects of trademark procedures:

  • extensions of time in examination – the office will no longer grant extensions of time unless exceptional circumstances are shown;
  • filing of divisional applications without a specific e-service;
  • transitional provisions for Nice classifications;
  • renewal of applications that do not have Nice classifications; and
  • temporarily appointing a trademark agent for dealing with Nice classifications.

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The Federal Court has published ‘Model Orders’ for Protective Orders, exchanging material between parties, and Confidentiality Orders, for filing material with the Court. The website notes that any changes to the model order must be reflected with redlining and the Court may make the final decision on the terms of any order notwithstanding the agreement of the parties.

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New Year

Happy New Year! Thanks for another year with IPPractice. 428,000 emails sent to over 1700 subscribers with reports on 200 IP-related decisions and 450 new proceedings. …Read More

Federal Court

There are still problems with the Federal Court website, particularly for identifying new proceedings that started since December 13th. Problems also cause some blank updates on watched files. …Read More

Federal Court

Note that there was a problem with the online court dockets for the Federal Court and the Federal Court website will be down for maintenance this weekend.

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