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Private Member’s Bill, C-272 was introduced: “An Act to amend the Copyright Act (diagnosis, maintenance or repair)” would add section 41.121 to the Copyright Act to modify TPMs to allow a person to circumvent “a technological protection measure that controls access to a computer program if the person does so for the sole purpose of diagnosing, maintaining or repairing a product in which the computer program is embedded”.

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A private members bill, S-225, “An Act to amend the Copyright Act (remuneration for journalistic works)” was introduced today: “If a journalistic work … is reproduced or published on a digital platform that is owned or controlled by a designated digital platform provider, the Canadian journalism organization that owns the copyright in that journalistic work is entitled to remuneration.” …Read More

Copyright Term

The government has announced a consultation “to consider whether to adopt accompanying measures to mitigate the potential implications” of extending the general term of copyright from 50 to 70 years after the life of the author as required by the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA). Potential measures include an expanded orphaned works regime or an out-of-commerce regime.

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Copyright Board

The Copyright Board has provided various notices (link) on proceedings pending before it under the transitional provisions of the “Time Limits in Respect of Matters Before the Copyright Board Regulations” including for matters awaiting hearing and matters where the 12-month reserve period has already expired.


CIPO has published a Practice Notice regarding the handling of designated days between March and August for patents and patent applications, particularly maintenance fees and deemed abandonments.

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