This site is my collection of updates, statistics and analysis on intellectual property in Canada. I am a partner at DLA Piper (Canada) LLP practicing in the area of intellectual property (more about me). Material on this website are my own views and do not reflect the position of DLA Piper (Canada) LLP, any of its member firms around the world, or any of its clients. IPPractice.ca grew out of my hobby to gather and share interesting updates on intellectual property to friends and colleagues. Highlights include:

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Trademark Regulations

Proposed amendments to the Trademark Regulations are published in the Canada Gazette for consultation. The proposed amendments would allow cost awards, case management and confidentiality orders before the TMOB, as well as would allow CIPO to indicate that an official mark holder is not a public authority or has ceased to exist. The changes support amendments to the Trademarks Act that are not yet in force.
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Judges’ Dinner

Looking forward to catching up with friends and colleagues at the CBA IP Day and Judges’ Dinner in Ottawa on Thursday – let me know if you will be attending as well.

Patent Term Adjustment

Proposed amendments to the Patent Rules were published in the Canada Gazette for consultation to implement patent term adjustment by January 2025. Term may be added if the issue date is more than 5 years from the filing/national entry date, or 3 years from requesting examination, whichever is later, particularly time attributable to the patent applicant. Several miscellaneous amendments are also proposed. …Read More

Federal Court

The Federal Court has issued an updated practice notice on “The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Court Proceedings” that addresses issues the scope of the declaration on AI generated material filed with the court. This updates the practice notice that was originally issued in December.


Yesterday, Michael Battista, Founding Counsel at Battista Migration Law Group in Toronto, was appointed a Judge of the Federal Court and Catharine Moore, Senior General Counsel at the Department of Justice Canada in Ottawa, was appointed an associate judge of the Federal Court.  Appointments were also made to the courts of Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and the Tax Court.

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