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Federal Court

The Federal Court has announced a pilot program to have various ‘chambers’ of judges assigned to proceedings in the areas of i) IP/Competition; ii) maritime and admiralty; and iii) class actions. The Notice to the Parties and the Profession lists the judges assigned to each of the three chambers.


A few updates over the last few days:


Ekaterina Tsimberis, Principal at Smart & Biggar LLP in MontrĂ©al, was appointed a Judge of the Federal Court yesterday. Appointments were also made to the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario, the Superior Court of Quebec and the Court of Appeal of Prince Edward Island. …Read More


The Federal Court has published for consultation in the Canada Gazette, proposed amendments to the Federal Courts Rules relating to the costs regime. The proposed changes include: i) separate sections for actions, applications, motion and appeals; ii) only three columns (instead of five currently); iii) additional assessable items; and iv) an overall increase of about 25% to costs awarded under the tariff. The changes also include replacing “Prothonotary” with “Associate Judge” in the Rules. …Read More


Michael Crinson of Crinson Law LLP was appointed an Associate Judge of the Federal Court today. Appointments were also made today to the Superior Court of Ontario and the Superior Court of Quebec. …Read More

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