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Federal Court

The Federal Court issued two Practice Notices today:

  • Document Retention Schedule – Set a 7-year and 15-year retention guidelines for court file materials pursuant to Rule 23.1.
  • COVID #7 – Closing of the registry in Ontario and Quebec for in-person activities with new guidance on virtual hearings and electronic service and filing.


As part of a number of UK/EU/Brexit amendments published today, the Certificate of Supplementary Protection Regulations were amended to add the UK as a “prescribed country”in addition to the EU. …Read More

Happy New Year!

Here’s hoping that 2021 is more normal! Thanks for another year with IPPractice. 450,000 emails sent to over 1800 subscribers with reports on over 150 IP-related decisions and 300 new proceedings.
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A number of fees at CIPO are increasing by 2% as of January 1, 2021 due to application of the Service Fees Act. As a result, the fees listed in schedules in the various regulations, such as Schedule 2 to the Patent Rules, may no longer be accurate. For example, the regular patent filing fee will increase to $408 as of January 1st. CIPO has an updated fee schedule. Application fees for a Certificate of Supplementary Protection also increase by 2% but not until April 2021.


Implementation of the new Patented Medicines Prices Review Board regulations that were due to come into force on January 1, 2021 have been delayed by six-month. The coming-into-force was previously delayed from July 1st and the regulations have been subject to several legal challenges.

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