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Patent Retriever

You can use the patent retriever to receive PDF copies by email of most patent and published patent applications from around the world, including Canadian and from the United States. You can also obtain Canadian Patent Appeal Board decisions, United States re-issue patents and United States design patents.

Federal Court docket browser

Browse the recorded entries for Canada’s Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal. While some of this information is available directly from the Courts’ websites, this browser includes links to related proceedings, reported decisions, and links to the intellectual property at issue.

Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal hearings

A list of intellectual property hearings this week in the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal, as well as all scheduled intellectual property trials, judicial reviews (including PM(NOC) hearings), and appeals to the Federal Court of Appeal.

Patent and Trademark Statistics

Various statistics on patents and trademarks in Canada, including rankings of agents in Canada by volume of applications, and old act patents.

Litigation Statistics

Investigate litigation before the Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal, including lists of all intellectual properties actions in the courts and the status of the actions.

Trademarks and Patents

Amendments to the Trade-mark Act and Patent Act, Patent Rules and Trademark Regulations are being made as of November 5, 2018 to amend the procedures on CIPO holidays and force majeure events, and as of June 2018 to patent reinstatements .

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Industrial Designs

The amended Industrial Design Act and Regulations will come into force November 5, 2018 to implement the Hague Agreement. These changes were first introduced in 2014 as part of budget legislation.

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Lots of Patents

USPTO granted patent No. 10,000,000 entitled, “Coherent LADAR using intra-pixel quadrature detection” to Raytheon today. CIPO allocated patent application 3,000,000 in April of this year.


The Federal Court issued a Notice to the Profession (link) regarding the publication of court decisions. The notice replaces the notice of June 2015 which had said that non-precedential decisions would not be published on the Federal Court website. The new notice, which came into force June 1, says that final decisions, if contested, along with interlocutory decisions considered by the Court to have precedential value, will be published on the website, and additional decisions published to CanLII. If you know of an interesting IP decision, please let me know!

Industrial Designs

As part of implementation of the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs, CIPO has published a proposed amended Industrial Design Office Practice Manual (IDOP) for consultation. The Practice Notice indicates that the consultation is open until June 29th with a view to the regulations coming into force date in late 2018.

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