Enigmatus, S.R.O. v. Canada (Playtika LTD, Caesars Nteractive Entertainment LLC), 2024 FC 751

Justice Fuhrer - 2024-05-17

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The court analyzed the issues related to passing off, trademark validity, and infringement between the parties. It was determined that a summary trial was appropriate to resolve the dispute. The Plaintiff's claim for expungement and passing off was dismissed due to a lack of confusion and invalidity, and the Defendants' motion was granted entirely. The Plaintiff's passing off claim was refuted by maintaining the registration for SLOTOMANIA, which acted as a complete defence. The Defendants' counterclaim was also dismissed. The court considered the detailed background of the parties, their trademarks, and related events to provide context for the decision. Ultimately, the Defendants prevailed in the case, and the Plaintiff's claims were dismissed.

Decision relates to:

  • T-2085-16 - ENIGMATUS, s.r.o. v. PLAYTIKA LTD. ET AL


Canadian Intellectual Property