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New IP decision:

  • Sanofi Pasteur Limited v. Canada (Attorney General) 2011 FC 859

    The applicant, Sanofi Pasteur Limited [Sanofi] seeks judicial review of part of the decision of the Patented Medicines Prices Review Board [the Board][1] dealing with the remedy granted with respect to the excessive prices it charged between 2002 and 2006 that is a payment in the amount of $2,512,878.74 to Her Majesty the Queen pursuant to subsection 83(2) of the Patent Act, RSC 1985, c P-4 [the Act].

    Read full decision |  Browse T-83-10 | Subscribe to T-83-10

New Trials and Hearings

  • JR: T-1422-09 – PFIZER CANADA INC. ET AL v. RATIOPHARM INC. ET AL (Pregabalin*) (3 d in Toronto starting 2011-09-07) (Browse T-1422-09 | Subscribe to T-1422-09)

New IP Court Filings

  • T-1189-11 – Trade Mark Infringement

    THE GRIZZLY PAW PUB & BREWING COMPANY LTD. v. HUDSON’S CANADIAN TAP HOUSE (Browse T-1189-11 | Subscribe to T-1189-11)

  • T-1190-11 – Trade Mark Infringement

    1571898 ALBERTA LTD v. TILTED KILT FRANCHISE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY et al (Browse T-1190-11 | Subscribe to T-1190-11)

  • T-1191-11 – Trade Mark Infringement

    DIESEL S.P.A v. EMK CORPORATION ET AL (Browse T-1191-11 | Subscribe to T-1191-11)

  • T-1192-11 – Trade Mark Infringement

    PUMA NORTH AMERICA INC. ET AL v. EMK CORPORATION ET AL (Browse T-1192-11 | Subscribe to T-1192-11)

  • T-1193-11 – Trade Mark Infringement

    GURU DENIM INC v. EMK CORPORATION ET AL (Browse T-1193-11 | Subscribe to T-1193-11)

  • T-1194-11 – Trade Mark Infringement

    JUICY COUTURE INC v. EMK CORPERATION ET AL (Browse T-1194-11 | Subscribe to T-1194-11)

  • T-1195-11 – Trade Mark Infringement

    NIKE INTERNATIONAL LTD ET AL v. EMK CORPORATION ET AL (Browse T-1195-11 | Subscribe to T-1195-11)

New non-IP Court Filings

  • T-1182-11 – unknown – DAVE SNODGRASS v. DEAN MERKLEY as a Director of FITZLEY (CANADA) INC. (Browse T-1182-11)
  • T-1183-11 – unknown – TERENCE JONES v. KRISTINE NELSON (Browse T-1183-11)
  • T-1184-11 – S. 18.1 Application for Judicial Review – ROBERT LUND v. ATTORNEY GENERAL OF CANADA (Browse T-1184-11)
  • T-1185-11 – unknown – SALVADOR VALDIVIA-GONZALAZ v. TRUCKDEPOT EXPEDITE INC. (Browse T-1185-11)
  • T-1186-11 – Non-Action – MCI v. YOUSEF M S ABU-LOHA (Browse T-1186-11)
  • T-1187-11 – unknown – SALVADOR VALDIVIA-GONZALAZ v. CHANDERKANT JAIN (Browse T-1187-11)
  • T-1188-11 – Citizenship (section 18 Revocation) [Actions] – MCI v. ROGER O’NEIL CASSUP (Browse T-1188-11)

* – Medicinal ingredient names are based on automated analysis and should not be relied upon.

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