Applications filed in 1999

The following graph represents approximately 36000 applications that were filed or entered national phase in 1999. ‘Pending’ represents applications filed but for which examination has not been requested. ‘Prosecution’ represents applications for which examination has been requested but that have not been issued (or allowed to go dead). It is estimated that approximately 700 divisional applications were filed based on the original applications which accounts for the growth in files.

For comparison, I’ve included a similar graph for just those applications which do not have an agent of record recorded with CIPO. The applications in the second chart are included within the first chart.



For this next series of charts, the same data from 1999 is broken down by
high level classification (IPC ‘Section’):

A – Human Necessities B – Performing Operations C – Chemistry D – Textiles E – Constructions F – Mechanical G – Physics H – Electricity

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