Some IP-related items

  • Eli Lilly’s memorandum in the NAFTA arbitration on the ‘promise’ doctrine has been posted.
  • Justice Marc Noël was appointed Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Appeal replacing the Honourable Pierre Blais, who retired earlier this year.
  • CIPO has announced a consultation on Modernization the IP Community, a report on the regulatory framework for trademark and patent agents prepared with IPIC, AIPPI and FICPI, of which I had a small part on one of the working groups.
  • I am attending the AIPLA Annual Meeting this week. Let me know if you are planning on being there as well.

Search Tools

For searching the Canadian Patents Database, I’ve  prepared a Chrome/Firefox extension that permits searching by number with commas (ie “2,345,678”) in both the basic and number search fields – see tools.