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The Federal Court of Appeal has issued a further notice extending its suspension period until May 15, 2020 and adjourning all hearings during this period, although parties may consent to have their matters heard remotely or decided based only on the written material. I understand that the Federal Court is likely to extend its suspension period as well.

The Ontario Superior Court has issued a Notice re-opening hearings in certain cases beyond just ‘urgent’ matters using remote hearings and relaxing requirements for service by email and filing.

WIPO has announced that the PCT International Bureau has suspended the transmittal on paper of PCT documents and notifications and will only use electronic means.

Motion Practice in Ontario Court

The Ontario Court issued practice notices regarding motion practice last fall that were recently published online. The first requires, among other things, the moving party to file a Notice of Motion within 10 days after the motion date is requisitioned. The second is an announcement that additional resources are being allocated to long motions.

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Trademarks and Competition Act

The Ontario Court has released a decision this week in The Commissioner of Competition v. Yellow Page Marketing, 2012 ONSC 927 which found that, contrary to the Competition Act, the respondents had made material false or misleading representations intending to deceive Canadians into believing they were dealing with the Yellow Pages Group, owner of the Yellow Pages trademark and walking fingers design.

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Copyright class action against Thomson Reuters

The Ontario Superior Court has granted certification in the class action against Thomson Reuters/Carswell for copyright infringement over allegations of reproducing copies of court filed documents. The class includes lawyers in private practice who have authored materials filed with the courts and reproduced in Carswell’s “Litigator” offering.

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