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Patentees 2023

In 2023, approximately 27,500 patents were granted by the Canadian Patent Office, the most since I’ve been tracking patent stats, and up substantially from a slow year in 2022 when only 18,125 were granted. Boeing was the top recipient of patents in Canada in 2023. The other top recipients were Halliburton Energy Services, Huawei Technologies, 10353744 Canada Ltd. and Qualcomm. See more for the top 20. Continue reading Patentees 2023


As an experiment, I have integrated my case summary feature with ChatGPT and am using the AI engine to prepare some of the case summaries. The summaries generated by ChatGPT are identified to contrast them from summaries manually prepared or prepared using non-AI tools.

My IPPractice software uses OpenAI’s API to automatically make queries with the ChatGPT model and obtain the case summaries. I welcome any feedback!


The Federal Court issued a Notice to the Parties and the Profession “The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Court Proceedings” indicating that it expects parties to declare if they have used generative AI to create documents filed with the court. A companion “Interim Principles and Guidelines on the Court’s Use of Artificial Intelligence” introduces the court’s principles relating to AI including a statement that “The Court will not use AI, and more specifically automated decision-making tools, in making its judgments and orders, without first engaging in public consultation.”