NAFTA Proceeding

Nine entities have filed amicus curiae applications in Eli Lilly’s NAFTA arbitration proceeding relating to the ‘promise doctrine’. The entities include industry associations, and academics.

The entities are the following, as identified by ICSID, with links to the submissions. See my earlier blog post on the arbitration proceeding.

  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce (PDF)
  • Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association (PDF)
  • CIPPIC (Univ of Ottawa) and CIPP (McGill Univ) (PDF)
  • Dr. Grosse Ruse-Khan and Dr. Liddell and Dr. Waibel of Univ of Cambridge (PDF)
  • “five intellectual property law scholars” (PDF)
  • Innovative Medicines Canada and BIOTECanada (PDF)
  • National Association of Manufacturers (PDF)
  • PhRMA and AMIIF and BIO (PDF)
  • “seven intellectual property law professors” (PDF)