Patent Volume in 2015

The number of patent applications published in 2015 or that entered national phase in Canada in 2015 was approximately the same as in 2014 at about 33,500 application. Smart & Biggar, Gowlings and BLG top the list of firms by volume of applications.

The number of applications filed without the services of an agent was down to 576 applications, approximately 1.7% of applications.

Because patent applications are not typically published for 18 months after they are filed, the data used for this report is based on applications published in 2015. Many of these applications were filed 18 months earlier, perhaps as early as 2013. For national phase entry applications, these are typically published shortly after entry into Canada but may have an international filing date 30 or even 42 months earlier.

For comparison, see a similar list for 2014. I have previously prepared similar lists for trademark applications.