CIPO has opened consultations on proposed fees for various steps under upcoming amended Patent and Trademark rules. These steps include fees per Nice Classifications and renewal fees for trademarks and correction, after-allowance amendments and late fees for patents. The consultation is open until July 5, 2016.

The consultation (link) describes various changes in the handling of applications under the new regime, and the fees that will be associated with these processes.

For patents (link), the allowance and abandonment processes will be modified under the upcoming amendments. The associated fees for After-Allowance-Amendments and various late fees are addressed. Late fees are proposed at $150. For After-Allowance-Amendments the fee is proposed at $400 and correction of obvious errors post-grant at $200, the same as currently although the procedures are changing.

For trademarks (link), in order to join the Singapore Treaty, Madrid Protocol and Nice Agreement, various changes are being made. CIPO will remove a separate registration fee, add per-Nice-Class fees and increase renewal fees. A $330 application fee is proposed ($430 on paper), less than the total of the current registration and application. A per-class fee of $100 for filing and $125 for renewal is proposed for each class in addition to one. The renewal fee is proposed at $400 for the first class ($500 in paper).

Feed back is sought by email and CIPO indicates that responses will be provided to each complaint contain a reason or an argument based on facts.

(Updated – thanks to @StraightFromTHM for pointing out some clarifications)