Justice Evans

Justice Evans is retiring from the Federal Court of Appeal at the end of the year. He has been a member of the Federal Court of Appeal since 1999 and supernumerary since 2012. He joined the Federal Court in 1998.

According to Justice Evans’s biography available from the Federal Court of Appeal, prior to being appointed to the court, his focus was on immigration and administrative law.

In addition to authoring a number of significant immigration, tax and trade decisions, he has participated in many intellectual property appeals, most recently being on the panel on Ontario Dental Assistants Association v. Canadian Dental Association, 2013 FCA 279 and rendering the decision in Apotex v. Eli Lilly (Olanzapine2013 FCA 282) last week.

Some of his more frequently cited intellectual property decisions include:

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Justice Nadon, also a supernumery judge, was appointed earlier this year from the Federal Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada although is appointment is in limbo due to court challenges. The most recent appointment to the Federal Court of Appeal was Justice Near who was elevated to the court in February of this year.