Federal Court

There are still problems with the Federal Court website, particularly for identifying new proceedings that started since December 13th. Problems also cause some blank updates on watched files.

There appear to be two technical problems:

  1. New proceedings are not appearing on either the Federal Court or Federal Court of Appeal website. For example, T-2004-19 is not appearing in any search results, even though T-2003-19 was started last week. If someone has an example of a proceeding started this week with a file number higher than this, please let me know as that may help diagnose the problem.
  2. In addition, both the Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal websites provide docket entry information for all matters before the Court but over the weekend, the linkage with the FCA website partial broke so that only blank entries appeared for new updates (see an example). I have altered my system to stop using the FCA website which will hopefully avoid this issue. For previous blank updates, please visit the FC website (here) to see recent activity.

Thanks for your patience while we work through these issues. Hopefully a full set of updates will be provided again soon once the FC/FCA websites are fixed.