CIPO has opened a consultation on proposed fee increases until April 29th. “Based on current projections, CIPO is expected to run out of authority to spend by September 2024. … To address this structural deficit, CIPO is proposing to adjust most of its fees by 25%…”

From the consultation:

CIPO is currently in a structural deficit because net loss has been growing. Unless this critical financial situation is addressed, CIPO will run out of authority to spend by September 2024, affecting services to innovators and businesses. CIPO’s net income decreased from $12.3 million in the 2015–2016 fiscal year to a net loss of $41.9 million in the 2020–2021 fiscal year. During this same period, CIPO’s revenue decreased from $162.6 million to $145.2 million per year, while costs increased from $150.3 million to $187.1 million. The increase in CIPO’s deficit is driven primarily by an increase in costs over the last 5 years.