Old Act

Earlier this year, four “Old Act” patents were granted, the first time such patents have been granted since 2014. These recently granted patents have priority dates between 1978 and 1981 so have been in prosecution for over 40 years.

Details of the four recently granted patents, along with other Old Act patents granted over the last 15 years are on my ‘Old Act‘ page. Most of the recently granted patents are in the bio-tech area.

These patents have a duration running 17-years from the grant date, unlike patents filed since 1989 which have a duration of 20-years from the filing date.

These four recently granted patents are in the top five (along with a patent granted in 2007) with the longest prosecution times I have seen.

Thanks to Miles Steininger for the tip.

Anyone know if there are other ‘Old Act’ patent applications still pending at the Patent Office?