Top Patentees 2016

In 2016, approximately 26,400 patents were granted by the Canadian Patent Office, up significantly from the approximately 21,900 granted in 2015. BlackBerry was again the top recipient of patents, with over twice the patents obtained as any other applicant. The remaining applicants in the top-five were The Boeing Company, Halliburton Energy Services, Qualcomm and Schlumberger Canada.

According to my analysis, the owners that received the most patents in Canada in 2016 were the following:

1. Blackberry Limited (Canada)
2. The Boeing Company (USA)
3. Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. (USA)
4. Qualcomm Incorporated (USA)
5. Schlumberger Canada Limited (Canada)
6. Baker Hughes Incoporated (USA)
7. The Procter & Gamble Company (USA)
8. General Electric Company (USA)
9. Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC (USA)
10. LG Electronics Inc. (Korea)
11. SNECMA (France)
12. F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG (Switzerland)
13. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Korea)
14. Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. (USA)
15. Exxonmobil Upstream Research Company (USA) – tied
15. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (Japan) – tied
17. BASF SE (Germany)
18. Novartis AG (Switzerland)
19. Accenture Global Services Limited (Ireland) – tied
19. Bayer Intellectual Property (German7) – tied

I prepared similar lists for 2015201420132012 and 2011, which also identified BlackBerry/Research In Motion as the top recipient of Canadian granted patents. IPO has published similar lists for recipients of US patents.

The above data is based on an analysis of the patent data obtained from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Please let me know of any errors or discrepancies.