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I have been in a (virtual) trial this week so here are some catch up items from the last while:


In a series of releases on Sunday evening, CIPO stated that, “there are no extensions in place for time limits and deadlines related to acquiring or maintaining intellectual property (IP) rights with CIPO” and directs people to online solutions. A notice on the CIPO website today, says that the regional offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Montreal are not receiving CIPO correspondence until further notice. IPIC reports that patent agent exams will be rescheduled until the fall. Continue reading CIPO

TM Practice Notices

CIPO posted new and amended practice notices for several aspects of trademark procedures:

  • extensions of time in examination – the office will no longer grant extensions of time unless exceptional circumstances are shown;
  • filing of divisional applications without a specific e-service;
  • transitional provisions for Nice classifications;
  • renewal of applications that do not have Nice classifications; and
  • temporarily appointing a trademark agent for dealing with Nice classifications.

Continue reading TM Practice Notices